Alan Turing was the mathematician who broke the Nazi communication codes shortening WWII by 2 years. He saved 17 million souls. He invented the programmable computer and laid the foundations of Artificial Intelligence. He was a champion marathon runner. He was autistic. He was an atheist. He was gay. He lived his love life, proudly, against the Puritanism of his time, by which he was condemned to chemical castration. He committed suicide at the age of 41. Hugh Whitemore’s iconic work on Bios.

Translated by Semeli Papaoikonomou. Adapted and directed by Dimitris Komninos. Sets / Costumes: Giorgos Lyntzeris Original Music Score / Visuals: Andreas Troussas, Vangelis Zachariadis. Lighting: Vangelis Mountrichas. Photos: Fanis Pavlopoulos, Manos Chrysovergis. Assistant directors: James Rodi / Semeli Papaoikonomou. With: Stelios Psaroudakis, Zogia Sevastianou, Meletis Georgiadis, James Rodi, Foivos Papakostas, Irini Valatsou and Petros Liondas