With influences from the whole range of the arts, 90ο C theater platform was created to focus on social issues like LGBTQI+, climate crisis, migration, racial discrimination, women’s rights, regional wars e.t.c. It was founded by Dimitris Komninos, in 2004 and in the years to come it was to stage some of the most emblematic productions in Athens, that have been appraised both by the audience and critics alike.

Among them, “Fucking Games” – a contemporary view of modern day LGBTQI+ issues by Irish playwright’s Grae Cleugh staged at THEATROVICTORIA in 2010. The performance generated an open discussion on the LGBTQI+ rights in Greece. The play essentially opened the door for other LGBTQI+ plays to Athenian theater stages in the years to follow. The said performance was framed by a very bold artistic exhibition themed “Stike-a-pose”, by acclaimed Greek visual artists Nikos Giavropoulos and George Striftaris.

Theatre Platform 90°C has also staged the “Bald Soprano” by E. Ionesco, as a modern day realistic farse, which was performed with great success in the seasons 2005 – 2006 & 2006 – 2007, at the Epi Kolono Theater, National Theater of Northern Greece and THEATROVICTORIA setting the issues of human interaction as a purely theoretical process.

In the 2007-2008 season, Theater Platform 90ο C, staged the theatrical adaptation of the film by Yiannis Economides “MATCHBOX”, setting the stage as the first mainstream In-Yer-Face theater performance in Greece. A theatrical piece that brought the Best New Greek Work Award at the Athenorama Theater Awards 2008 to the Platform.

Other credits include Nicki Silver’s “Fit to Be Tied” that won the Audience Award at the Athens Queer Theater Awards 2015 and an adaptation of Ionesco’s emblematic “The Lesson” aimed to disturb as it was set in landfill at which the teacher was a Greek guard at the unknown soldier monument (a Tsolia) and the murdered student (a girl in the original script) as a non-binary person. The maid lived and talked from a dumpster. The bold staging came right after the brutal murder of LGBTQI+ activist Zakie (Zak) Kostopoulos and was presented as a feature site at the 2019 Athens Pride Festivities and at the EMEIS Summer Festival of Rematia..

The staging of Hugh Whitemore’s “Breaking the Code” brought for the first time in an Athenian stage, attention to the true story of mathematician Alan Turing who saved 17 million souls by breaking the Nazi communications codes thus shortening WWII by at least 2 years but was unable to save himself from the conviction of his contemporaries for being an outspoken homosexual. He never defended himself in court. He committed suicide when he was only 41 years old. Queen Elizabeth pardoned him 59 years after his death.

Theater Platform 90°C actors and contributors rotate according to the repertoire.